Friday, August 15, 2008

Lavender Cupcake

This is my latest obsession.
I was determined to make a cupcake using lavender buds. I have to admit that at first i didn't even know where to acquire lavender for cooking! But alas, the farmers market carries culinary lavender - and it was cheap, too!

Next issue: I wasn't sure how to get the lavender in there. But the expansive knowledge base that is the internet was a real help! I simmered a few tablespoons of the buds in soy milk (thanks to The Cupcake Underground for the idea)- which is part of the chocolate cupcake recipe I used from VCTOTW. It gave it just enough flavor to be noticeable, but not bitter. My house smelled fantastic while they baked!
I made lemon cream cheese frosting and grated a lavender chocolate bar on top.

The ones I shared with others for a friend's birthday had little purple sage flowers and sprigs of lavender leaves on top, but we didn't have time to take pictures :(

Everyone really liked them. I must say they are pretty grown up though. Not sure how kids other than mine would like them.

I made more today, which will be photograph-able tomorrow, once frosted. I think they might be even better than the first batch!

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